GOP To Use Obama’s Own Words Against Him For Election 2012

Obviously, doing this will not only upset Democrats because Obama’s words are being used in context, but, will be surely called raaaaacist

(ABC News) On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, the Republican National Committee is touting an expansive new video database that party operatives say is their most potent weapon for attacking President Obama in 2012.

The electronic catalogue, which RNC officials describe as “The Book,” is a searchable trove of “every utterance” from Obama — including hundreds of pages of quotes, video clips and data points documenting the entirety of the president’s first term. (snip)

The RNC will debut a compilation of Obama clips from the newly polished video library in a TV ad to run across Iowa on Tuesday. The montage is expected to show “promises” Obama delivered in Iowa in 2008 contrasted with economic and other data on the reality now.

One example from the RNC’s trove: Obama’s 2009 comment that the Recovery Act would help bring 2 million Americans out of poverty. The file cites census data suggesting more than 6 million Americans joined the ranks of the poor since 2009, instead. (snip)

Republican strategists say juxtaposing Obama’s words with data on the economy, health care costs and other issues will be the most potent mechanism for winning over crucial independent voters who may like Obama personally but are skeptical about his policies.

Obviously, Team Obama and the Dems will fight back, and will also do what the GOP is reluctant to do to Obama, namely, attack him personally. Something that is already happening against Mitt Romney. Of course, Obama has no new ideas, and his old ones have failed spectacularly.

Of course, this sent some liberals around the bend, and trotting out their old “but, things were worse than we thought, and the mean old Republicans blocked everything Obama tried to do!” memes, such as Greg Sergent

Of course, Obama had barely been sworn into office before the national Republican leadership mounted a concerted and determined effort to prevent any of Obama’s solutions to our severe national problems from passing, even as they openly declared they were doing so only to destroy him politically. Republicans have admitted on the record that deliberately denying Obama any bipartisan support for, well, anything at all was absolutely crucial to prevent voters from concluding that Obama had successfully forged ideological common ground over the way out of the myriad disasters Obama inherited from them.

Of course the GOP tried to stop the idiotic policies, but, being they were the minority party, were only slightly successful, Greg. Remember Obama’s signature economic policy, the Stimulus? Almost a trillion dollars of wasted money which accomplished nothing, unless studying shrimp on treadmills is considered a wise use of taxpayer funds.

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