Jeb Bush’s Education Policy Includes Free Tuition and Tuition Rebates

Jeb Bush’s appalling refusal to let Democrats outflank him on the left is not limited to opening the immigration floodgates even wider. Brace yourself for his education policy:

He thinks community college students should get “free” tuition for two years. If that’s sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the exact same thing President Barack Obama proposed in January. Which shows how completely hypocritical Bush is because he came out against Obama’s plan in January. Oh, but Bush’s plan gets even more #headdesk inducing. He wants universities to PAY BACK students who don’t graduate in four years.

Just what we need to flush ourselves the rest of the way down: more economic incentive to fail.

Presumably this would be paid for by revenues provided by what Bush calls the “economic driver” of importing millions more unskilled, uneducated, and largely welfare-dependent peasants from the Third World. If that doesn’t work we’re in trouble, because federal subsidization of college tuition has already been driving its cost through the stratosphere.

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Again Bush wants to double down on Democrats’ irresponsible policies. If the GOP ever comes up with a worse candidate than John McCain, it will be Jeb.

As bad as a Democrat.

On a tip from Henry. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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