Jordan’s Queen: Modern Muslims Are “Not Doing Enough” To Beat ISIS

It’s so refreshing to see people from the Muslim world take courageous stands for civilization amid the growing threat of the ISIS caliphate.

And the royal family of Jordan doesn’t lack for courage at all.

On Wednesday, a female Islamic world leader made some surprising comments about Islam and ISIS.

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The leader, Queen Rania of Jordan, revealed her feelings over how Muslims are combating the Islamic State.

She said via Yahoo! News:

“We are facing a time of great peril. Daesh, or the so-called Islamic State, continues to spread its diabolical ideology,” she said.

“Moderate Muslims the world over are not doing enough to win the ideological struggle at the heart of this battle.

“We’re not actively helping Daesh, but we’re not actively stopping them either. We can’t stand against them until we as Muslims agree on what we stand for.”

Since ISIS burned Jordanian pilot Moaz Kasasbeh alive in January of 2014, Rania has been a firm advocate for stopping the jihadists.

Just a bit more…

“We all need to combat IS. It’s not a question of whether they are defeated, because if they are not defeated then what kind of environment will we leave for our children? One of beheadings, rapes, burnings, we have to think of what kind of humanity we want.”

Jordan is as close to the front lines in the fight against ISIS as it’s possible to be, and the Jordanians are to be commended for their standing strong against the barbarians.

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