John Kasich Praises Awful CNBC Moderators

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on — from Brent Bozell to CNS News to Morning Joe to WaPo — it is that the CNBC moderators did an astonishingly awful job running the Republican debate on Wednesday. But wait, the inept and cartoonishly partisan CNBC boobs do have one advocate:

GOP presidential candidate Ohio Gov. John Kasich is defending them.

According to MRCTV, Kasich was satisfied with the amount of time he was given to speak and “appreciative of how they did their job.” He told MRCTV that he “thought they did a good job.”

MRCTV reported that Kasich said, “I had time,” referencing the amount of talk time he was given to discuss the issues at this debate and that it “wasn’t a circus.”

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At least, it wasn’t a circus according to the clowns. Serious people with intelligent points to make have a different point of view.

Cheer up, Jeb Bush. True, the wheels have come off your campaign, but at least there is the consolation that you aren’t the only laughably terrible candidate in the race.

CNBC apparatchiks can take solace too. As bad as they are at what they do, Kasich would be even worse as a president, if the country were crazy enough to elect him.

Does not belong at the grownups table.

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