Latinos For Reform: Latinos Shouldn’t Vote?

So have you heard? There’s a group called Latinos for Reform urging Hispanic voters not to vote in Nevada because the Democrats lied about amnesty. Here’s a spot they’ve done:

The Left is painting these guys as a bunch of Bushies trying to suppress the Latino vote — and they do have some strong Republican connections. However, I’d also note that they seem to legitimately be pro-amnesty. For example, here’s a high end music video from the same channel opposing the Arizona immigration law:

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In other words, this sounds like a pro-illegal immigration Republican group.

Now, should they be running this ad? It would be tempting to say “yes” because I believe we’d be better off if less people voted in this country. Every year, our elections end up being decided by people who don’t know who the Vice-President is or which party is pro-life. So, if a lot less people voted in this country, we’d all probably be better off.

That being said, encouraging minorities not to vote comes across as sleazy and reminds people of the bad old days in the South, when they came up with all sorts of techniques to discourage blacks from voting. It’s really not something Republican allied groups should be involved in, particularly since Democrats often falsely accuse Republicans of suppressing the minority vote by trying to weed out election fraud.

Even going beyond that, I reject the idea that Republican Hispanic groups should be trying to use amnesty as a carrot to appeal to Hispanic voters. Instead, they should be out there explaining why the people who are hurt worst by amnesty often tend to be law abiding, patriotic Hispanic Americans — and that’s absolutely true by the way.

So, count me as someone who’s not a fan of these ads.

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