What The Liberal Culture Has Brought Us

I had an intense twitter debate yesterday with Tommy Christopher who writes for Mediaite. He had written about the story that was all the rage yesterday, which was that pop star, Justin Bieber, had been called a “faggot” by another teenager during a game of lazer tag.

The spate of suicides of gay teens (or straight teens being called gay) recently has made headlines. I’ve written about it myself. My best friend in high school’s 13 year old neice committed suicide last year after being called a lesbian.

Tommy and I agree that bullying is terrible and wrong, and that the suicides are a tragedy. What we don’t agree on is why this is happening.

There has always been bullying, but I have to agree that it is more pervasive and cruel now. The left moans and wrings it’s hands about the youth calling each other the “f” word and the “n” word, yet they don’t see that they themselves are at the root of the problem. Liberal culture brought us to where we are today. I’m not talking politics. I’m talking culture.

I’ve worked with, and been around teenagers closely for over 10 years. I was a youth minister, and I taught 10th grade CCD. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. 2 are teenagers now, and the other two are grown. I’ve seen it all.

This is the thing.

The culture saturates our youth with movies like, “JackAss 3” (and the previous Jackass movies), American Pie, and dozen of others crude teen movies. These kids grew up watching “The Real World” on MTV, where the goal seemed to be to get the kids as drunk as possible, and see how disgusting it could get. They have watched talk shows that cater to our crudest instincts like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich. Couples find out who cheated, and then we are treated to cussing and screaming matches on who the father of their baby is. And let’s not forget Dave Chappelle and his over the top crude racial jokes. Even shows like “Will and Grace,” which was supposed to enlighten us on gays, had stereotypical jokes about gays. The new hit, “Modern Family” even seems to make fun of what the kids call “flamers,” which are overtly and flamboyant gays. You don’t think kids pick up on that? We have a generation of kids who grew up seeing everything and anything on the internet. From the crudest jokes to the sickest videos. And NOW we want them to act decently and have manners??

We reap what we sow. We now have kids that have no sense of morality. They have been told by the culture that they need only listen to the “Church of Me.” They decide what is right and what is wrong. There are no absolute truths.

You can tell kids all day long to treat all people, no matter how different, kindly, but they imitate what they see. And what they see are grownups who don’t do that.

When I have been around teenagers and they throw these slurs around, I not only reprimand them, I talk to them about it. They think I am being silly. They think it’s funny. They say “everyone” does it. The only time I get their attention is when I ask, “Do you think Christ would say that? Do you think he would want you to say that?” That shuts them up.

But in this culture kids are taught that religion is for the uneducated. Religion is routinely mocked in movies, TV, and music. The Hollywood left can’t seem to make fun of it enough. So Why should kids listen to that silly, “Love your neighbor as yourself” nonsense that Christ taught?

But now, when the left is suddenly appalled at this lack of decency in kids, they wonder how we got here? Please. You brought us here.

So, we can have all the panels on bullying we want. We can get movie stars to do PSAs on how horrible it is to call others names. But as long as we saturate our kids with the smut that is pervasive in our culture, we will never change things.

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