Newt: Trump Insulting Heidi Cruz Was UTTERLY STUPID, Ted Cruz ‘As Good As I’ve Ever Seen’

Newt: Trump Insulting Heidi Cruz Was UTTERLY STUPID, Ted Cruz ‘As Good As I’ve Ever Seen’

Donald Trump’s campaign is a circus. Filled with thugs and bullies, the campaign is dedicated to brashness and indignity when Americans are thirsty for real leadership. Though he has enthusiastically supported Trump’s campaign, Newt Gingrich recently broke rank to call-out Trump for his indefensible and childish attacks on Heidi Cruz.


From The RightScoop:

Newt Gingrich was surprisingly critical of Donald Trump, who he seems to have become a yuge supporter of, and his idiotic retweet of an insulting picture of Heidi Cruz, calling it “utterly stupid.”

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Newt rightly said that the event showed how unpresidential Trump is and undermined his image as a possible nominee in people’s minds after that absurd insult. He praised Ted Cruz over THIS interview we posted earlier, saying that he looked as good as he’s ever seen him, and that the attack seems to have energized his campaign. Newty then called it a “wake up call” for the Trump campaign that no one of his staff understands. He then CONTINUED to say that the lawsuit Trump threatened was ridiculous.

Trump has some good positions. His trade deal stance is spot-on, for example.

However, while some elbow-throwing is a good sign of a fierce leader, it’s clear that Trump is an absolute wildcard that cannot be trusted with the highest office in the land.

What does it benefit Americans to rid ourselves of one tyrant, only to elect another one with whom we agree more often?

We deserve more. We deserve better. We deserve Ted Cruz.

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