Police Release DAMNING Video Showing Trump Campaign Manager Yanking A Reporter

Oh boy… Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump, has been charged with assaulting a reporter at a recent campaign event, and the aftermath is not looking pretty.


From the BBC:

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Police allege that on 8 March after a news conference in Florida, he grabbed her arm when she tried to ask Mr Trump a question, leaving a bruise.

Mr Lewandowski plans to plead not guilty, the Trump campaign said.

“Mr Lewandowksi is absolutely innocent of this charge,” the Trump statement said. “He is completely confident that he will be exonerated.”

Mr Trump himself has defended Mr Lewandowski on Twitter, saying the police footage shows there was “nothing there”.

The charge comes during a difficult time for Mr Trump, just ahead of next week’s Wisconsin primary where he is neck-and-neck with Senator Ted Cruz.

Earlier on Tuesday, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker endorsed Mr Cruz for president.

Mr Trump will participate in a CNN town hall event on Tuesday night when all three Republican contenders will face questions.


Tensions are high…and it is under that kind of stress that true colors can be revealed. Stay calm America and seek truth.

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