Obama Takes Cheap Shot at Ted Cruz During SOTU – Cruz’s Response? EPIC!

Obama Takes Cheap Shot at Ted Cruz During SOTU – Cruz’s Response? EPIC!

This shows how much Barack Obama fears Ted Cruz and his strong stance against terrorists. Obama aimed a comment directly at Cruz last night basically insinuating that Cruz would carpet bomb civilians. What a cheap shot. Cruz has a spine, something that Obama has never had. Yes, he would kill ISIS Jihadists en masse, but he never said he would attack and wipe out innocent civilians. If you are carpet bombing an enemy stronghold, those are not innocent civilians. Sorry… that’s war. Cruz would destroy ISIS… Obama has no intention of ever doing so. He hates it that Cruz appears strong and he appears weak; just like the coward he is. He’s probably just too busy cleaning the dirt off his knees from kneeling before Iran. Iran who is also controlling ISIS to a great extent.

Ted Cruz SOTU

From Louder with Crowder:

Remember when Ted Cruz said that he would “utterly destroy” the Islamic State and “carpet bomb them into oblivion.” Well, President Obama did and in his SOTU speech, he took a major, and I mean maaaajor, cheap shot at the senator. Albeit not by name, because that would require something commonly referred to as “testicles.” How did Obama do it?  By saying (and I quote) that defeating the Islamic State requires more than just “tough talk or calls to carpet bomb civilians.” Yes, he actually said that.

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Ted Cruz was not amused.

“Well listen, I will apologize to nobody for my commitment to kill the terrorists. And in this speech President Obama once again refused to even say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ — much less demonstrate any clarity, any vision, any plan to destroy them.”

“He diminished the threat of ISIS. I mean, let’s just think about it. In this speech, he didn’t say a word about the Paris attacks, he didn’t say a word about San Bernardino, he didn’t say a word about the Philadelphia police officer who was shot 13 times by a terrorist pledging allegiance to ISIS,” Cruz continued. “And I think the American people are tired of having a president who will not even acknowledge the evil that we are facing — much less do anything serious to stop it.”

“I think Americans do not understand why President Obama and Hillary Clinton put their heads in the stand Ostriches rather than acknowledging the threat of jihadists who want to murder us.”

Cruz said that Obama’s SOTU was more of a state of denial than State of the Union. Obama can’t even say Islamic terrorism and hasn’t even acknowledged ISIS attacks on our own soil. Nor did he even mention last night that Iran seized two of our naval vessels with 10 men on board. They demanded an apology and Obama of course complied. He wouldn’t see to the release of the sailors at 2 a.m. this morning, saying it wouldn’t be safe. He waited until later this morning. Iran let them go, but kept the boats, comms and GPS. The seizure happened just before the SOTU took place. You know what that was? That was Iran making it clear that Obama was their b*tch. It was an act of war and what did Obama do? He groveled and begged forgiveness from an enemy state. Ted’s most epic quote had to be this: “It was striking in the State of the Union that President Obama did not acknowledge that Iran had captured two Navy ships and had 10 sailors apparently as hostages,” he said. “And the fact that happened in the first place is a direct consequence of the Obama-Clinton foreign policy.” True dat. Cruz is a true leader with a set… Obama is nothing more than a water boy for the mullahs in Iran.

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