Roy Moore EVISCERATES Mitch McConnell After He Calls For Him To Drop Out Of Race

Roy Moore EVISCERATES Mitch McConnell After He Calls For Him To Drop Out Of Race

Mitch McConnell is a slug, pure and simple. I can’t stand the man. He’s betrayed conservatives over and over. He’s destroyed good Republicans and he’s never met a progressive, corrupt issue he didn’t wholeheartedly embrace. Now, he’s ordering Judge Roy Moore to drop out of the Alabama race for the Senate. There’s no credible proof that what the Washington Post has dug up by ‘coincidence’ is true in the least.

WaPo dug up women from 38 years ago. One was 14 at the time and contended that Moore was sexually inappropriate with her. Then there were 16, 17 and 18 year-olds. One of the women has worked for both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. She also currently works for Moore’s opponent. Two of the women have previously made false accusations against other men. Then Gloria Allred pimped out another victim yesterday who claims she was 16 back then and feared that Moore would rape her. Part of her evidence was a year book signed with two colors of ink. It reads like a very poorly written movie on southern rednecks. Then others were ‘produced’ making stupid accusations about Moore stalking malls. Because we all know that DAs do that, right?

After Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called for Moore to step aside, Moore fired back by telling McConnell that he has “failed conservatives and must be replaced.” Boom! Exactly right. Moore and his wife of 33 years are suing the Washington Post for defamation of character. As far as Allred goes, she’s the one that represented women against Trump in the election WHILE she was working on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. McConnell is even worse and all but three Republicans are backing McConnell. What a bunch of spineless weaklings.

Each of these politicians should consider what if it was them instead of Moore. Because what is to stop the left from ripping through the right with baseless claims, politically lynching all of them? McConnell should have been replaced long ago. He’s a corruptocrat of the highest order and Paul Ryan is right there with him. “The person who should step aside is @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell,” Moore tweeted on Monday.

McConnell had the nerve to tell reporters earlier yesterday, “I believe the women,” when asked about the bombshell allegations. The Senate’s top Republican added that “he should step aside” amid the allegations. There are Republicans now saying that if Moore wins the Senate seat that Congress should remove him before he can do anything. The attorney general of Alabama is now saying that if the GOP withdraws their support and he wins, the election will be null and void. Tell me how any of this is fair, just or right? Aren’t we innocent till proven guilty? I guess not.

Moore has hotly denied all of it and is refusing to bow out. Good for him. “These attacks said I was with a minor child and are false and untrue — and for which they will be sued,” he said over the weekend, per CNN. It’s too late to run Luther Strange in Moore’s place. Here’s a prediction for you… if the Republicans burn Moore at the stake and hand that race to the Democrats, they are handing the Senate to them. It will be the beginning of the end of the party and maybe that is what should happen. I’m disgusted by all of this.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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