NFL Heads DROP THE HAMMER On Roger Goodell As Anthem Protests Continue

NFL Heads DROP THE HAMMER On Roger Goodell As Anthem Protests Continue

An NFL committee has just sent Jerry Jones a cease-and-desist letter, warning him to stop talking about Roger Goodell’s lucrative contract with the league.

Earlier this week we reported that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was demanding another 20 million on top of his 30 million dollar per year salary (along with a private jet). That’s a lifetime private jet. Oh, and a lifetime of health insurance for his family.

And now, the NFL’s compensation committee is going after Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, for his previous threats to sue the NFL for continuing to negotiate a renewed contract with Goodell. The C&D letter was drafted after Jones gave a conference call to talk about Goodell’s possible extended contract.

On Monday, Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons gave a statement saying that the compensation committee is still working with Goodell and argued against Jones, who has been saying that he and fellow owners have been misled about “critical facts” in the negotiations.

As the chairman of the six person committee, Blank both terminated Jerry Jones as a non-voting member on the weekend due to Jones’ threat to sue. In his Monday release, Blank said, in part:

“The negotiations are progressing and we will keep ownership apprised of the negotiations as they move forward. We do not intend to publicly comment on our discussions.”

Before all this, last week Jones went on record to say that the owners who were on the committee were responsible for “a number of very concerning issues” and that he believes that the committee is being misleading over Goodell’s contract.

Jerry Jones’ son Stephen is the Executive Vice President of the Cowboys and in a radio interview yesterday he defended his father, saying that they both “want what’s in the best interest of the league,” saying that they’re not necessarily against Roger Goodell, but that considering the sensitive position that the NFL is in, that now is probably not a great time to undertake extending the contract of the current leadership:

“Whether that’s our ratings, whether that’s our concern with our sponsors, I think we need to be focusing on our business and not necessarily on contract extensions.”

Back in October, an ESPN host compared Jerry Jones to a slave owner simply for his hardline stance on requiring all of the players on his team to stand for the National Anthem, after initially joining them once for an arm-locked kneel that took place just before the Anthem played. In the same segment, ESPN’s Mike Wilbon said that the arm-linking was as “phony as a three dollar bill.

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