Trump’s Campaign Just Got HUGE News – This Will Change Everything

Trump’s Campaign Just Got HUGE News – This Will Change Everything

Reuters has an interesting current, rolling poll up on the possible Republican candidates for 2016. I personally believe it is probably incorrect and skewed. But then again, this is Reuters… what do you expect? Overall, they show Trump at 32.8%. They show him today at 36.7%. Many, many polls out there show Trump higher than that… somewhere closer to 41%. As for Carson leading Cruz, I definitely think that is way off at this point. Reuters is also claiming that Trump is sharply down with those aged 50 to 65. Once again, I call bull crap on that claim. I think that Trump is running away with the field with Cruz hot on his heels. That is driving both the left and right absolutely out of their freaking minds. Good times.

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From Reuters:


Per this poll of 872 participants (which is ridiculously small), Santorum is at 3.1%, Fiorina is at 3.6%, Huckabee is at 4.2%, Christie is at 4.3%, 6.3% wouldn’t vote, Bush is at 6.7% (more like 3 or 4%), Rubio is at 8.7%, Cruz is at 11% (don’t make me laugh – he’s in the 20’s somewhere), Carson is at 11.3% (most polls show him in the 8% range) and Trump is at 36.7% (I would estimate it closer to 50%). As far as I’m concerned, the only three that should be in the running anymore are Trump, Cruz and Rubio… in that order. That’s with Rubio being the establishment guy and the other two anti-establishment. Don’t believe the polls or the media propaganda out there being plastered everywhere, including Fox News. The people are screaming for the anti-establishment candidates and they want the Washington Cartel slapped down. Trump is ahead more than ever which is huge news for him as we go into the primaries. God help the Republicans if they try and screw Trump or Cruz.

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