VIDEO: Vulgar Children Curse At Trump Supporters

VIDEO: Vulgar Children Curse At Trump Supporters

Our political discourse is in the garbage. We are left with an unindicted felon as a Democrat nominee for the presidency and we have an egomaniacal billionaire who insults and degrades as his platform. Worse yet, however, is how the supporters of these two camps behave. Recently, parents took their children to protest Trump supporters and these oh-so-delightful kids kept the conversation classy with vulgar language and gestures.


From The Daily Caller:

Trump supporters arriving at an Indiana rally Sunday were greeted by protestors cursing and screaming, many of whom were children.

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“Fucking asshole! Go fuck yourself,” a young boy yelled in Spanish as a truck passed by. The passengers were holding a sign that read “Veterans for Trump.”

The boy was holding a Bernie Sanders for president sign and had a Bernie pin on his shirt.

The video released Sunday shows Trump supporters in Fort Wayne, Indiana being accosted by protestors as they drive through an intersection. The protestors were mainly black and Latino.

These delightful kids remind me why we should embrace amnesty. I mean, it’s obvious that by screaming in Spanish and cursing at those who dare to support a candidate who has made it clear that illegal immigration is a problem, these little darlings are the “DREAMers” who have come here to embrace all that America is.

But seriously, though, what parent allows this kind of behavior as a substitution for legitimate political discourse?

These parents ought to be ashamed and all Americans should feel ashamed for having allowed political dialogue to get to this lowly state.

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