60 Year-Old Muslim Marries 12 Year-Old Girl, Does More Than Consummate Wedding

60 Year-Old Muslim Marries 12 Year-Old Girl, Does More Than Consummate Wedding

Sharia law is ridden with evil, primarily towards women, who are treated as objects to be used and thrown away by disgusting men. One example is the tragic case of a teenage girl, given to a 60year-old man at the young age of 12.


From ToloNews:

The Balkh teenager, from Zari district, said that six years ago her family forced her to marry the man.

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She said she no longer wants to live with him and instead wants a divorce.

Samargul claims she is also a victim of domestic violence and has been beaten and tortured over the years.

“I was ignorant, I didn’t know what was good, or what was bad, but now I want a divorce,” said Samargul.

Samargul said that she is the victim of her brother’s lust.

Samargul is the third wife of Mullah Faiz Mohammad. Faiz Mohammad has ten children from his two other wives.

Faiz Mohammad said his daughter had an affair with Samargul’s brother and because of this, and based on local custom, Samargal was given to him.

“It has been six years since we married. She [Samargul] was with me and we didn’t have any problems,” said Faiz Mohammad.

He accused Samargul of having an affair with another person and said he will not divorce her.

It’s abhorrent that this girl would be forced to live through such atrocities, especially as payment for someone else’s supposed crime. But this is the reality of what Islam is, no matter how peaceful liberals say it is.

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