We Are Listening, America — Speak Out!

Right now, there is a family sitting at their dining room table, looking over receipts and figuring out how they can cut a few extra dollars from their budget. They may be calculating the cost of a summer vacation or cutting coupons to make the most of their next grocery trip.

But that family is doing what Washington refuses to do: tighten their belt and make the tough decisions to live on what they have. Families don’t answer their problems with more spending. But Washington does.

We have recently seen countless examples of the disconnect our Congress has with the people they represent. In the same year of record unemployment and economic decline, this Congress has exploded our deficits, loaded us with health care regulation and increased taxes. They’ve named post offices while continuing to ignore our near-ten percent unemployment rate. They’ve prioritized misguided legislation such as Cash for Caulkers instead of listening to the American people.

I hear your frustrations every day — when I stop by your business, bump into you at the gas station or even on my Facebook page. You are tired of more spending and you have more unemployed friends and family members than ever before. Simply put, Congress’ to-do list doesn’t match up with yours.

It is time to change the priorities of Washington and introduce a new way of doing business — a business where the American people drive the agenda in Congress.

House Republicans are on the brink of bringing such an agenda from America. We will listen to Americans and get to work for them right away.

Our new project — America Speaking Out — is unprecedented and is finally giving Americans the pen and paper. You will have a seat at the table when it comes to building the agenda.

In stark contrast to the Washington arrogance, House Republicans want to hear what you think should be a part of a new policy agenda. Whether it’s on the economy, spending, family values or national security — your priorities will be reflected.
On the new online forum,
AmericaSpeakingOut.com, you can lend your voice to build a new agenda. Using the best of social media, AmericaSpeakingOut.com will allow you to submit a policy solution, promote your priorities, debate the ideas posted by other Americans, and share the conversation with your friends and neighbors via Facebook and Twitter. It is our hope that AmericaSpeakingOut.com will become the home to an unprecedented online conversation between Americans and their elected representatives.

Now is America’s time to rewrite our to-do list — a groundbreaking way of changing Washington and giving you what you need.

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