cBS Wants Palin To Debate The Goracle On AGW

Well, at least they want Al Gore to debate somebody. Charles Cooper at cBS tries to get it on

Don King, are you listening? And if the world’s most hair-raising promoter won’t take this one on, then I officially volunteer to set it up. (snip)

We’re heard it all before from Gore. Same goes for Palin, who has since become fond of using Facebook to make her pronouncements. Responding to the former VP, Palin repeated her claim that a trove of stolen emails undermines climate change arguments which she says “are flawed, falsified, or inconclusive.”

On and on it goes, where it stops – wait! Give it up to conservative radio host Laura Ingraham, who asked the peripatetic Palin whether she would dare get into the ring with Gore and duke it out in a debate over the existance of climate change. Here’s the but if you don’t want to go through all the bloviation, here is the relevant excerpt:

Ingraham: Would you agree to a debate with Al Gore on this issue?

Palin: Oh my goodness. You know, it depends on what the venue would be, what the forum. Because Laura, as you know, if it would be some kind of conventional, traditional debate with his friends setting it up or being the commentators I’ll get clobbered because, you know, they don’t want to listen to the facts. They don’t want to listen to some reasonable voices in this. And that was proven with the publication of this op-ed, where they kind of got all we-weed up about it and wanted to call me and others deniers of changing weather patterns and climate conditions. Trying to make the issue into something that it is not.

Ingraham: But what if it’s an Oxford-style, proper debate format. I mean, he’s going to chicken out. I mean, if you challenge him to a debate, do you actually think he would accept it?

Palin: I don’t know, I don’t know. Oh, he wouldn’t want to lower himself, I think, to, you know, my level to debate little old Sarah Palin from Wasilla.”

Cooper is pushing for a debate between the two, and, yes, I understand that he uses Palin as a way of getting his story noticed. Seriously, for someone who is supposed to be a lightweight, dunce, moron, nobody, insert typical liberal talking word here (and some by establishment Republicans), Palin sure seems to be on their minds.

But, you know what would be really great? If Cooper and cBS became serious, and pushed Gore to debate a person who has been dealing with the man induced warming issue for quite some time, perhaps Lord Monkton or Dennis Avery, both of whom, among others, have repeatedly challenged Gore to debate, yet, time and time again, Gore has ducked them.

Tell me, climate alarmists, if the science is so settled, why won’t Gore debate? Why will virtually none of the leaders of the AGW debate?

Heck, why do the Big People in the movement refuse to even discuss the issues, even going so far as to call armed guards to stop inconvenient questions.

Oh, and, hey, Gore didn’t do to well when CNN called his bluff regarding his talking point about the ClimateGate emails being 10 years old.

I’d still put my money on Palin, who would at least win on style points over Mr. Excitement.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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