Conservative talk radio recap: Dec 7-11

My new Talk Radio Watch column is now up at WND.

This recap of the week in conservative talk radio features lots of FREE audio and video highlights:

  • Rush Limbaugh’s interview with William Shatner
  • Mike Huckabee warns against the return of the Fairness Doctrine
  • Laura Ingraham’s online auction of Sarah Palin’s famous red jacket
  • Glenn Beck as one of Barbara Walter’s most fascinating people
  • Hugh Hewitt talks to Mark Steyn
  • clips of Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Dennis Miller and lots more!

Meanwhile, Glenn Beck responds to that Law & Order episode blaming “right wing talk show hosts” for domestic terrorism and mayhem — which, in real life, is the almost exclusive specialty of the Left, but, hey, that wouldn’t fit the “narrative”, right?

PLUS: if you’re a really big talk radio junkie, you’ll appreciate this: the Ultimate Internet Talk Radio Directory. This one-stop site rounds up the streaming audio links for over 100 talk radio shows, liberal and conservative, famous and not-so-famous.

I’m a lifetime member and use my Directory every day. They make sure you get the best feeds to the best shows. No more bookmarks of various stations’ sites in different time zones. Log into the Directory wherever you are and access the show you want when it’s live on the air.

NOW my pals at the Directory have a SPECIAL offer. If you watch this video, you’ll get a special link to FREE access to the Directory for a limited time. Why not try it out and see what you think. I spent a long time searching for a Directory like this and finally found this last year. It’s made my life a lot easier! Check it out:

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at, now in its ninth year.)

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