Meanwhile, Sarah Palin Shines In California….

Sarah Palin helped Jay Leno last night…he should start making Obama jokes. People might actually watch his show. But I digress.

Here’s Sarah’s appearance:

While she was being funny on Leno, she also had a conversation with him. From the LA Times Top of the Ticket Andrew Malcolm:

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The pair, both of whom have taken hits in the media in recent weeks, talked amiably about a wide variety of issues. Here are some:

On the media’s treatment of her children:

I think, yes, that a line was crossed there. And I’m still waiting for that line to be uncrossed. Just some common decency, allowing the kids to not be the — I guess kind of a victim in all this, because they certainly don’t deserve it. I have very strong, independent, well-adjusted kids. And I so respected that the media had left other politicians’ kids alone. I would just ask for the same treatment.

On the Tea Party movement:
It is an uprising of the people — (Applause) — an uprising of the people to say, “Hey, Government, we are not to be working for you. You are to be working for us. Let’s get government back on our side.” So heaven forbid the Tea Party movement think that they need an individual, a politician to put their faith in, to be their leader.

Sarah Palin just won’t go away and she keeps subtly building support. How is she building support? She’s just there. And she represents a populace (which is a huge percent of the American people) who feel ignored and not listened to…at all. She got applause in California.

The Southern Republican Leadership Conference sure is going to be interesting.

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