49ers Too Busy Being Activists To Win – Ask Fans How Important Winning Is

49ers Too Busy Being Activists To Win – Ask Fans How Important Winning Is

This is hysterical. The 49ers are not great at football these days. But they excel at race-baiting politics and activism. Now, they are hilariously asking their fans if they should focus on other things. You mean you weren’t already? Who knew? Dig it… according to Ray Ratto of NBC Sports Bay Area, on a recent questionnaire, the 49ers asked their fans: “How important is winning to your stadium experience?” Something tells me they aren’t going to get the answer they were looking for. Just sayin’. In my humble experience, winning is everything.

The 49ers are 0-7 this year, which pretty much spells it out for you. When you look at pics of their stadium it is full of empty seats. You would think that empty seats, no ticket sales and loss of viewers and fans would make winning important to the 49ers. Evidently not. Here’s an idea, quit playing altogether. Not many people will notice and you can go off and be militant activists full time. Of course, you’ll be broke, but you can’t have it both ways.

These guys are morons. It used to be that a team felt loyalty towards their fans. That they owed it to themselves and their fans to fight with everything they had to win. Instead, they now send out questionnaires. If you have to ask your fans if they care about winning, that implies that not only don’t your fans care about the team anymore, but that the team no longer gives a crap about winning. If fans don’t show up to an empty stadium, does a team even exist? If the 49ers were winners, they would not ask anyone that dumb question… they’d go out and actually win. What a joke they have become.

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If the 49ers no longer care about winning, what do they care about? Well, in the last few weeks they have had more players protest the National Anthem than any other team. So, therefore they care about Black Lives Matter and black nationalism. They also care about hating America, the National Anthem, our flag, police, military and first responders. The team owner, Jed York, was front-and-center at the league social justice meetings in New York. The team also recently pledged $500,000 to advance gun control measures. Let me see… what does that mean they really love? Militant racism and communism, with a big dollop of cop-hatred.

This question is perhaps the stupidest, most ridiculous one ever asked by a team. The only answer it will get is laughter and ridicule. Then again, maybe they got a lot of responses from fans saying, “No, I actually prefer losing.” In which case, as NBC Sports pointed out, this is the best questionnaire ever and the 49ers are meeting their customers’ needs far more brilliantly than we imagined.

Social activism is the only thing that the 49ers care about anymore. They don’t give a rip about winning… they simply use games as a platform to push a Marxist political agenda now. But perhaps they plan to win again some day… they are paying Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch millions of dollars to figure out how to win again. But will they have enough money to hang on until they get their heads out of their collective asses?

Now we have teams that wants to be judged on how much they care, not how much they win. That’s idiotic. Breitbart is right… the “Woke Bowl” is coming, be prepared.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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