WOW. CalExit Push Has Cleared First Hurdle – California Is Cut In 3

WOW. CalExit Push Has Cleared First Hurdle – California Is Cut In 3

I’m skeptical that this “CalExit” is ever going to happen. These people, who dominate the ballot box, vote for more and more government. Now, they want less? I just don’t see it. What I see, is that they want to infect us all with the HIV of socialism.

Apparently there is a new proposal coming from the tech billionaire Tim Draper to create two new states, for a grand total of 52 in the union. Imagine the flag design ceremony, it will be yuuuuge.

From ABC7 LA:

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“The plan is being funded by Bay Area tech billionaire Tim Draper, who previously funded a similar proposal back in 2014 to divide the state up into sections. That plan failed.

“Draper argues that citizens would be better served by three smaller state governments, rather than one large one.
The three-way split goes like this: Northern California would include the Bay Area all the way to the Oregon border, Southern California would begin in Fresno and cover most of the southern state.

“A new California would begin in Los Angeles county and cover most of the coastal areas. Opponents say the plan would create chaos.

“’Creating three new governments three new legislatures, three new governors and then having to disrupt what we have as a state all our prison systems, our higher education systems,” said political analyst Steven Maviglio. ‘I think diversity is what makes California great and this would actually ruin it.’”

As if electing more politicians to the government will “disrupt” anything. Seriously, what do these retards want? I say retard because I’m positive his IQ is below 30. Diversity doesn’t make anything great. And when he says diversity, he just means lots of different shades of brown and black, with lots of different countries represented. It’s a giant buzzword that means the opposite of what is intended.

People are fed up with the status quo. Let’s just get rid of the federal government. Who needs it? If people want a government, they can voluntarily fund it. But let’s stop with the all the taxation and creeping socialism, it’s devolving our political climate into this civil war type atmosphere with the two sides at each other’s throats and a media who egg us on.

This is what the new map would look like, according to ABC7 LA.

Sounds good to me. The first step into completely making all governments obsolete is to start to decentralize power. You’ve been brainwashed into thinking that the government is there to protect you. Think about it long and hard. Police officers spend a lot of their time pulling people over on the road to make money for their extortion racket. They almost never prevent crime, they only show up afterwards and take a report. People can live in harmony without them. The army is busy murdering innocent people halfway across the world with your tax dollars. What are they doing to “protect” you. I’m glad those on the other side of the aisle, however misdirected or coming from a perceived Anti-Trump zeitgeist they are, are finally starting to realize that we shouldn’t be forced to associate with those that we don’t care for, for whatever reason.

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