BOOM: NFL Gets BRUTAL DOSE OF KARMA as Anthem Protests Continue

BOOM: NFL Gets BRUTAL DOSE OF KARMA as Anthem Protests Continue

Since September of last year, we’ve been counting down the ratings that have been losing major steam for the NFL, all reaching back to the first time that Colin Kaerpernick decided to take a knee during the National Anthem back when he was still with the San Francisco 49ers.

Now, the ratings are still dropping, this time into “worst ever” territory.

This week, the Monday Night game between the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers earned only a 7.6 rating on ESPN, which is lower than last year’s Week Nine game between the Seahawks and the Bills, but it’s also the lowest Monday Night game since 2007.

The 2007 game had such low ratings because it was basically over at half time, with the Steelers holding a 35-7 lead before taking a break. They ended up winning 38-7.

ESPN has been losing 15,000 subscribers a day, amounting to half a million subscribers in October, thanks to their ultra politicized coverage of sports, even inviting the Reverend Jesse Jackson on to yell about how millionaire football players are basically slaves.

Over at Fox Sports, one of their hosts, Jason Whitlock said that the reason Kaepernick ended up losing his career had nothing to do with team owners not wanting to deal with a toxic attention-grubbing player who disrespected the flag, but that it’s because NFL owners “allegedly” “hate black people.”

As well, this weekend’s Sunday and Monday games will be another lesson in respecting your audience: There is a boycott circulating encouraging fans to not watch any games this weekend out of respect for Veteran’s Day. I’m very curious to see how the ratings turn out, because I know they’ll be the worst in history. I really hope that the Jaguars fan who hired a plane to fly a pro-America banner in Jacksonville over his team’s stadium does the same this weekend, too.

We reported late last month that television executives were trying to fix the trouble that poor ratings were causing their channels, as they considered cancelling Thursday night games all the while blaming college football, not the kneeling protests for their trouble. Network execs were considering getting rid of ten whole games from their lineup over the rest of the season, as well as changing the time which games are shown in other markets in order to look for better ratings. We said at the time that the answer isn’t to drop the number of Thursday night games from 18 down to 8, the solution was to fix the kneeling and protesting.

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Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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