ESPN Loses Nearly Half A Million Subscribers In October Alone – Horrified At Their Ratings [VIDEO]

ESPN Loses Nearly Half A Million Subscribers In October Alone – Horrified At Their Ratings [VIDEO]

ESPN is losing its audience.

First, they lost the plot and focused too much on politics instead of sports and then, after the concerns expressed by their audience were ignored over and over again, they lost their viewing public.

Thanks to the October Cable Coverage Estimates, we now know that ESPN is losing on average over 15,000 subscribers a day this month, which translates into almost half a million audience members in total. I’m sure that ESPN and their advertisers are totally fine with this, right? After all, it’s important for them to defend their political views, isn’t it? Except they’re not a political channel, they’re sports. People who watched ESPN are now actively cancelling their subscriptions to the special network.

But they’re not the only sports channel that is bleeding viewers. Fox Sports (FS1) lost over 584,000 households worth of viewers during October. Both channels were giving time to political moralizing. Jason Whitlock at Fox Sports said in June of this year that Colin Kaepernick’s career was ended prematurely because “allegedly” the NFL owners all “hate black people.” They also invited The Reverend Jesse Jackson on board to throw around the usual sensitive topics of cotton-picking and slave ownership, except he was talking about millionaire sports stars. But they’re still slaves and you racist white people better back off the flag protest. Hey, isn’t Jackson a millionaire too? What’s his problem?

An ESPN show co-hosted by Mike Wilbon also went full everything I don’t like is literally the slavery that was abolished in the mid-19th century. On his show, he compared the owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, to a slave owner.

Recently, ESPN’s Jemele Hill fought it out on Twitter when she called Donald Trump a white supremacist complete with a pithy little non-apology. Her original tweet, posted on September 11th, read “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists.”

If any of you are studying business in school, that’s how it works in real life. The reason Taylor Swift is the best selling female artist in the world is that she doesn’t say a peep about politics, compared to Katy Perry who runs her mouth about Hillary constantly. You can successfully run a business or even be a hugely popular personality without ever needing to inject politics into the mix.

For a longer video, if you have time, listen to Rush Limbaugh talk about this issue in September of this year, where he discusses how ESPN is out-of-touch and doesn’t understand their audience. As usual, Rush is right on the money.

Margaret M.

Internet Specialist at Warfare Media.

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