Monday Night Football! It’s been a brand for so long it’s unthinkable that it would be failing. But, the ratings are in and they’re not good.

According to brand-new reports, the ratings on Monday Night Football are down 9% from last week’s game. Ouch. And you can’t even blame the Trick or Treaters at the door for that one!

In the west, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Denver Broncos with a score of only 7.2, just over ten million viewers. The week before that, the metered score was 7.9 with around 11.3 million viewers.

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Ratings are going up, down and sideways lately and it’s been difficult to guess if they’ll swell one week or fade the next. Some teams still have kneelers, others have been standing for weeks now; but overall there’s a decline.

We reported a few weeks ago that from September to October, total viewership was down by 10%. I wrote at the time that this abandonment of televised football has been a long time coming, especially for Limbaugh fans who still remember that he was removed from his pregame show with ESPN back in 2003. Nielsen ratings indicated that last year, for the first few weeks, games rated on average with 16.2 million viewers, but they’re now clocking at 15 million viewers and it’s still slowly dipping downwards. Combine that with the number of people who are canceling their subscriptions and you can get a pretty full figure. ESPN has lost almost half a million subscribers October alone; with over 15,000 people every day refusing to pay the fees for their politicized coverage.

We already noticed and wrote about the ratings for Thursday Night NFL games. In the last week of October, we reported that TV executives were looking to cut up to ten games from their Thursday night scheduling. The Vice President of Fox Sports, Mike Mulvihill believes that it’s not the fault of the NFL’s protest issue, but rather it’s because there’s too much college football! Everyone’s turning off the pro leagues to watch the youngin’s. He said that it is driving “fragmentation” in the market. Unwilling to discuss if people are simply turning off the NFL until they get their affairs over the Kaerpernick shenanigans in order, he chose to say that however much interest there is in football, it’s being taken away and given to the college circuit. Good! Let people watch the college games and be even more excited for the draft picks in the coming years, when hopefully the kneelers have been disciplined.

Here’s Anthony Brian Logan from September talking about the ratings drop at the start of the season.

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