Coach Discovers Some Players Don’t Want To Stand For National Anthem, Responds Accordingly (Video)

Coach Discovers Some Players Don’t Want To Stand For National Anthem, Responds Accordingly (Video)

A basketball coach at Virginia Tech decided to take action when he found some of his players were sitting down for the National Anthem, taking after idiots like Colin Kaepernick in their disrespect for the anthem.

Back in June, an ESPN host suggested that playing the National Anthem ahead of NFL games is “injecting politics” into the sport.

So, it’s worth stemming the tide of idiocy any time it comes up and this coach did a fantastic job of doing just that.

Coach Buzz Williams gave a speech to the players that went from a lecture on the importance of the anthem into some deeper perspective on their place in society. Pointing at the bench that the players had retreated to, Buzz said: “We didn’t earn those chairs.”

“Your talent didn’t earn those chairs. How tall you are and how fast you run, how well you shoot, didn’t earn those chairs. Me drawing up a play, me recruiting real hard, me working real hard, I didn’t earn the chair. These guys, when they were your age, interrupted their life. They paused their education. They changed their career. And they gave their life for those chairs.”

He went on to say that when the anthem is being played, that everyone on his team was going to stand like grown men to honor the men who gave their lives, so that they can have a place to sit.

And simply standing up for the anthem isn’t going to cut it. Coach Buzz told his players that they have to spend those two and a half minutes honoring the men who protect their freedoms. Not fidgeting, but standing tall and paying attention.

Williams gives a similar speech every season in order to teach respect to his players, not necessarily just in response to the Colin Kaepernicks of the world.

In West Virginia last week, we reported on high school football players who were banned from praying before their games. The students had originally prayed over a loudspeaker until one person had complained about the prayers and they were banned due to the fact that they’re a show of faith.

The school’s superintendent cited a Supreme Court ruling that bans school-sponsored prayer in schools, but students praying privately doesn’t seem like it’s much of an issue, does it? So, the students defied the ban. Both teams before a game rushed on to the field to pray during the “moment of silence” that took the place of the loudspeaker prayer, and some of the people watching in the stands also bowed their heads.

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