Marine Veteran Pulls Plug On Playing ESPN In His Restaurant, Now America Is Responding!

Marine Veteran Pulls Plug On Playing ESPN In His Restaurant, Now America Is Responding!

A Marine veteran turned restaurant owner decided that ESPN has no place in his family business.

Bill DeFries owns Beef O’Brady’s in Bevearcreek, Ohio, and has now publicly pledged that he will not show any NFL games as long as the players continue to protest the National Anthem before games.

Both the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals linked their arms during the anthem this week.

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When he applied for a refund on his investment, DirecTV has denied the $6,000 refund on his NFL package. While DirecTV is still offering refunds to their residential customers, they are not doing it for commercial accounts.

So DeFries told his local Dayton paper about the $6,000 fee he would have to swallow. But, when word got out, DeFries said:

“Every day our sales have been up between 200 and 300%. People we have never seen before are driving hours to support us and the employees.”

As well, he’s received lots of nice phone calls and supportive emails from all around the country thanking them for taking a stand and a risk. DeFries was with the U.S. Marine Corps and has now been on Fox News, the Sporting News and in the Washington Times.

DeFries went on to say that he feels good about his decision, but that it’s not about him, saying that “it turns out the enormous amount of pride and reverence that we have for the National Anthem… is shared by the vast majority of Americans.” Seeing it firsthand means that he knows that his stance is becoming less and less about him, and more about everyone else.

One worker at ESPN admitted that he pretends to be a Democrat in order to keep his job, saying that there’s a “secret society” of conservatives working there. They all keep up the notion that they’re left-wing so they don’t get fired.

In September, Trump fired up Twitter to say ESPN has “bad programming” and that they’re paying “a really big price for its politics,” saying that viewers are “dumping it in RECORD numbers.” Then, he demanded an apology for their “untruth.” He was referring to ESPN host Jemele Hill who called Trump a white supremacist and bigot on Twitter. When she was put under fire, she gave one of those non-apologies we’ve seen daily from both the NFL and ESPN:

“My comments on Twitter expressed my personal beliefs. My regret is that my comments and the public way I made them painted ESPN in an unfair light. My respect for the company and my colleagues remains unconditional.”

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