NFL Ratings Drop Isn’t All They’re Facing, Look At The Tumbling Turnout At CA Stadiums! [VIDEO]

NFL Ratings Drop Isn’t All They’re Facing, Look At The Tumbling Turnout At CA Stadiums! [VIDEO]

The NFL is in deep cow pies these days. Plummeting profits and now empty stadiums… gee guys… was letting your players disrespect America, our military, cops and first responders really worth it? That’s not the place to protest, it’s inappropriate. It isn’t just a ratings problem for the NFL, although that all in itself sucks… it goes far, far deeper than that. It’s especially bad for California teams who just happen to have a bunch of players who insist on kneeling during the National Anthem and are allowed to do so. The first three games of the season had dwindling, anemic attendance for the Los Angeles Rams and the Chargers. And that’s being too kind in descriptive terms. It was a disaster.

All over social media, you see pics of nearly empty stadiums for the California teams. Not good for the NFL. Not good at all. The Rams and 49ers even had trouble filling Levi’s Stadium on Thursday night in San Francisco. I’m not surprised. This all started with the 49ers after all. Colin Kaepernick has done long and lasting damage to the NFL and these asshats carrying on his protest are not helping. LA radio host Judson Richards pointed out that there were as many in attendance for Miami as there were for the Chargers (the home team) in week two. That’s just embarrassing. The 27,000-seat StubHub center had plenty of visibly open seats for the Chargers’ first regular season home game in Los Angeles and roughly half the filled seats had Dolphins fans in them.

The Big Lead called the numbers “a massive embarrassment for the league.” How embarrassing? Well, the college game in San Diego drew 43,040 fans in the seats which was far more than the 27,000 available seats for the Chargers… of which many were empty. USC sold out the Coliseum Saturday night for their overtime win over Texas as well.

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Now, you’ve got the mayor of LA saying the city doesn’t really need two NFL teams. Mayor Eric Garcetti stated, “We embrace any team that comes. We’re certainly happy to have the Chargers in L.A., but I think we could have been happy with just the (Rams).” The league is shocked by the low turnout and is watching it closely as that translates into ticket sales and whether they stay viable or not. I guess we will see if this is just a California thing or if the country is fed up with the politically correct antics of the NFL.

It’s not just game attendance that sucks here… no one is watching on TV either. The ratings have been abysmal. Fox had the best ratings, but NBC and CBS tanked. Week two of the season broke a record low on TV. It’s so bad that some analysts are warning that the networks could lose up to $200 million in lost ad revenue and earnings this season. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of asshats. Actions have consequences, sometimes far-ranging ones. Fans want to see good football, not political protests. The NFL might do well to remember that.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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