NFL’s Anti-America Spectacle Shamefully Allowed to Escalate on Anniversary of September 11

NFL’s Anti-America Spectacle Shamefully Allowed to Escalate on Anniversary of September 11

Thanks to the encouragement Black Lives Matter thugs have received from those running the NFL, Kaepernick disease is getting worse. It is no longer enough to refuse to stand for the national anthem. Already the trend of exploiting football games as an opportunity to insult America has degenerated into spectacles like this — on the 15th anniversary of September 11:

Multiple NFL players showed their support for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick on Sunday, as members of teams from across the country locked arms, raised their fists or knelt during or just after the national anthem during the first big day of the league’s 2016 season.

Interlocking arms is an ambivalent “unity” gesture that could mean whatever you want it to, but kneeling during the anthem clearly states, “I oppose America and refuse to show it respect.” The raised fist takes it a step farther; it is the Black Power salute, the black supremacist equivalent of a Heil Hitler.

Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters raised his fist, four Miami Dolphins players knelt, and players from several other teams interlocked arms or raised their fists as an apparent sign of unity with Kaepernick, who began his protest last month during the NFL’s preseason over what he said was the oppression of “black people and people of color.”

What utter B.S. Every single one of these allegedly oppressed victims of color is a millionaire.

Peters — who is black and told the press Friday that he salutes Kaepernick, calling it “a great cause” — raised his fist in protest at the start of a home game against the San Diego Chargers [yesterday]. …

Meanwhile, in Seattle, Miami Dolphins players Arian Foster, Michael Thomas, Jelani Jenkins and Kenny Stills knelt during the national anthem at the start of their game against the Seahawks. …

In later games, the New England Patriots’ Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty raised their fists following the anthem, as did Jurrell Casey, Wesley Woodyard and Jason McCourty of the Tennessee Titans.

Other individual players — including Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid, and Denver Broncos’ linebacker Brandon Marshall — have at times also followed Kaepernick’s lead in kneeling during the anthem.

This insult to the fans who spend a fortune to watch them is intolerable. It is happening not because all football players are irredeemable jackasses like those mentioned above, but because the NFL is run by moonbats like commissioner Roger Goodell:

“I support our players speaking out on issues they think need to be changed in our society. We don’t live in a perfect society Matt. Our players have strong views about things so I support our players speaking out about that,” Goodell told [NBC’s Matt] Lauer when asked if he was proud of Kaepernick.

At the same time Goodell is supporting Kaepernick he might also fine players who wear shoes supporting the victims of the deadly terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001.

True, there are some stand-up guys in the league like Avery Williamson. But until the leftist lowlife Goodell has been removed from his position and replaced by someone who will insist that players either stand respectfully or stay off the field during the national anthem, patriots are urged to join the boycott of the NFL.


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