Transgender Student Sexually Harasses Real Girls in Their Locker Room

Transgender Student Sexually Harasses Real Girls in Their Locker Room

Let’s check in on how liberals’ bizarre social engineering jihad is affecting life for American kids:

A lawsuit filed in federal court is uncovering the consequences of the Obama Administration’s unlawfully imposed transgender agenda.

After capitulating to Obama’s public school transgender edict in May, a Minnesota high school is being accused of ignoring complaints of privacy violations by their biologically female students, Fox News’ Todd Starnes reported Wednesday.

In what kind of freak show does the word “female” need to be qualified with “biologically”?

According to the bombshell lawsuit, a transgender “girl” student, who participated on girls’ sports teams, “twerked,” “grinded” and engaged in other sexually suggestive acts in the girls’ locker-room, leaving some of the girls in tears. After numerous ignored complaints, the lawsuit’s plaintiffs say they were allowed access to other locations, including a boys’ locker-room, which the transgender “girl” also made his way into and extended his sexually suggestive behavior. The girls claim they were left with no place to go to secure their privacy in the most intimate of settings.

Happy now, liberal social engineers?

“No student should be forced to use private facilities at school, like locker rooms and restrooms, with students of the opposite sex,” states the suit.

That would not be too much to ask in any civilized country.

The lawsuit excoriates Obama’s lawlessness, as well as the district’s irresponsible capitulation. After Obama mandated that all public schools open their bathroom and locker-rooms to “gender identity,” at the threat of revoked funding and lawsuits, the Virginia district acquiesced.

Yet again we see that federal money is poison. Washington confiscates our money, then gives some of it back to us with intolerable strings attached. This has to stop, and will stop when it is acknowledged that although not currently in force, the Tenth Amendment was never officially repealed.

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