WHOA! NFL Owner Is ‘F**king Livid’ Over Anthem Protests… Will Give Up Football Completely

WHOA! NFL Owner Is ‘F**king Livid’ Over Anthem Protests… Will Give Up Football Completely

Cursing during the interview, the owner of the Green Bay Packers made his beliefs clear.

In a short phone conversation with the Daily Caller, the unnamed shareholder of the Packers expressed how millions of NFL fans are feeling with the Take A Knee fever that’s sweeping the sport.

“I am f*****g livid right now. I see this s**t and I lose my mind. It needs to end immediately.”

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The Green Bay Packers is owned by a Board of Directors, as the team is a publicly owned and non-profit corporation and has been since 1923. Currently, they have over 360,000 stockholders, with 43 people on their board of directors and seven on the executive committee. NFL teams must either have a single owner, or a small group of owners, but the Packers have been around since before this rule was enacted, so they were able to keep their collective ownership under an elected president, currently Mark H. Murphy.

The Packers are a community team and its board members sit without compensation. They’re fans of the sport and of the team, and one of them is speaking out.

“I’ll give up football completely and find something else to do with my time if this continues.”

All we know about the shareholder is that he is male. If you’re wondering why he’s so up in arms, here’s the Packers a few days ago, with several members sitting out or kneeling during the national anthem:

And their Twitter followers are not happy with the statement from Mark H. Murphy, which read in part:

“It’s unfortunate that the President decided to use his immense platform to make divisive and offensive statements about our players and the NFL.”

On the phone, the shareholder continued saying that people will leave the NFL to watch college football “in droves,” saying that this “horse s**t must end.” He accused the players of being out of touch, saying that still wonder why Trump won even after they use their airtime to disrespect the American flag. “This is so disrespectful.”

If the Packers continue to sit out games, we can predict that they will also have their jerseys publicly burned by former fans who are abandoning their teams.

What’s even more confusing about the Packer team response is that just last month, their safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix made a stand supporting Blue Lives Matter by writing the names of police officers who have died in service on his shows, saying that he wanted their families to know that he supported them and the sacrifice of their loves ones.

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