Black Lives Matter Versus the Tea Party in Ferguson

This story sums up the difference between the Tea Party movement on the right and the Black Lives Matter movement on the left:

This week, on the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, a familiar image came out of Ferguson, Mo., as protesters faced off against police in the city just as they did 12 months ago.

For one business owner, a night of rioting and looting disrupted a year of rebuilding not just her business, but a community.

Over the course of last year, Dellena Jones, owner of 911 Hair Salon on West Florissant Avenue, found an ally eager to help her rebuild: the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition.

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But on Sunday, a group of young men shattered the left window of her beauty salon as protests flared once again in the St. Louis suburb.

In the first Ferguson free-for-all, looters stuck it to Whitey by robbing the black-owned salon and vandalizing an expensive hair dryer.

Jones estimated that in the last 12 months, the protests have caused her to lose roughly $75,000—a combination of lost revenue from a decrease in foot traffic along West Florissant Avenue and the cost of repairing her shop.

Fortunately, the Tea Party was there to help her recover from the damage caused by the Black Lives Matter crowd.

After last year’s protests, the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition rallied volunteers to participate in “buycotts” of Ferguson businesses to show people that yes, the stores in the town were open for business, and yes, it’s safe to shop in the city.

In the wake of the first anniversary riots, the Tea Party is there to help once again.

[Monday] night, the St. Louis Tea Party coalition solicited help from a group who offered to stand guard in the store. Four men sat inside Jones’ store to make sure it wasn’t disturbed and offered to stay again Tuesday night.

Some create and give. Others take and destroy. That is the right–left divide in a nutshell.

Dellena Jones at her business, backed up by Tea Party friends.

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