The Rise of ‘Digisexuals’ – People Who Prefer SEX WITH ROBOTS

The Rise of ‘Digisexuals’ – People Who Prefer SEX WITH ROBOTS

I don’t know how I feel about this. Of course I’m pro-liberty and believe that as long as it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my back, I say do whatever you want. On the other hand this can’t be good for society.

There is a rise of people who admit to falling in love with their sex robots and prefer to have sex in virtual reality as opposed to being with a real woman. Experts have warned us that something like this would happen with the evolution of technology and a lot of people have allowed this to become part of their identity.

They’ve also stated that psychologists are going to see a rise in patients who are “participating in digisexualities.”

“It is safe to say the era of immersive virtual sex has arrived,” said Dr. Neil Mccarthur, director of the University of Manitoba’s center for professional and applied ethics.

“As these technologies advance, their adoption will grow and many people will come to identify themselves as ‘digisexuals’ – people whose primary sexual identity comes through the use of technology,” he explained. “Many people will find that their experiences with this technology become integral to their sexual identity and some will prefer them to direct sexual interactions with humans.”

As someone who has never seen or been around a sex robot, or had sex with virtual reality, one has to wonder if I’m missing out on something spectacular. I mean, it has to be really great if people are choosing it over a sexual experience with an actual human, right?

“These robots will be tailor-made to meet people’s desires and will do things that human partners cannot or will not do,” he said. “For this reason, significant numbers of people will likely come to use robots as their primary mode of sexual experience.”

Kidding aside, I can kind of see the appeal of these robots, especially to single men. We’re in a time where even the most basic of male/female interactions can be considered “sexual harassment” and men are the primary target. Before the case ever reaches a jury, his career, name and spirit can be destroyed by the allegation(s). Why would a random guy on the street want to risk that when he can have his sexual needs fulfilled by a robot he has at home? Sure, she can’t make him sandwiches and she’s not much of a conversationalist, but she’ll also never bother you when the game is on and she won’t nag you to take out the garbage.

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