STRONG END GAME! Ted Cruz Hits Campaign Trail With PENCE In Iowa!

STRONG END GAME! Ted Cruz Hits Campaign Trail With PENCE In Iowa!

Ted Cruz will campaign with Mike Pence in the final days of the run up to election day. He will be in Iowa with Pence. If you will remember, when all of this started, Pence endorsed Cruz and then eventually became Donald Trump’s running mate. Since then as well, Ted Cruz has endorsed Donald Trump after confabbing with Mike Pence. I understand him keeping his word and doing so… I won’t hold that against Cruz.

This has been the most bizarre election of my lifetime. I do not support the major candidates that are running… that certainly includes Donald Trump. But it is my belief now that we will indeed see a Trump presidency. With all of Clinton’s corruption and scandals, I don’t see how Trump loses this. Then we will see exactly which promises he will keep.


From Breitbart:

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Former presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz will be campaigning with Republican vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence at Iowa and Michigan rallies for the Trump-Pence ticket on Thursday.
Cruz will be delivering remarks at the rallies, according to Pence campaign officials.

Pence has rallies scheduled for Prole, Iowa and Portage, Michigan tomorrow, according to the Trump campaign website. The Iowa event will take place at Bruere Farm at 11 a.m. and the Michigan rally is scheduled for 3:30 p.m. at Air Zoo Aerospace & Science Museum.


Cruz was the closest competitor to now Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the primary elections. The senator spoke at the Republican National Convention in July, but failed to endorse the nominee at that time. All of the major Republican presidential candidates pledged to support the eventual nominee during the primary election season. Cruz eventually endorsed Trump after Trump released an expanded list of potential U.S. Supreme Court nominees, should he be elected.

Pence initially endorsed Cruz in the primaries. He later became Trump’s running mate as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

Cruz and Pence are friends and share many of the same beliefs. I am not surprised to see them campaign together. Iowa will almost certainly go to Trump and in the last days of this election, all concerned will be campaigning hard for their candidate. Cruz will be a strong ally to have in the Senate and the same can be said for Cruz having Pence and Trump on his side.

It remains to be seen if Cruz will be part of Trump’s cabinet. And the first 100 days of a Trump presidency will be very telling. One thing is for sure, it will be unlike any presidency in the history of the United States.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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