GREAT BRITISH BETRAYAL: Brexiteers In Position To Take To Streets To Ensure They Can Leave [VIDEO]

GREAT BRITISH BETRAYAL: Brexiteers In Position To Take To Streets To Ensure They Can Leave [VIDEO]

British residents decided that they were ready to leave the European Union and in June, they voted to officially withdraw. Many liberals were furious, but Prime Minister Theresa May nevertheless announced her plan to begin the formal procedure to withdraw in March of 2017. Only now, the British High Court has announced that Parliament must be consulted before officially leaving the European Union. So much for respecting the will of voters.


So, the High Court evidently is signaling that their allegiance is not to Britain, but to Brussels and the European Union. In order to begin the process of leaving, the British government must invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, but evidently, Parliament has to approve first. So much for sovereignty.

The government’s very existence is to do what voters want them to do. And the Brexit vote was a referendum — meaning, it is a vote by the public which has been referred to them for a “direct decision.” So there is no real reason to bypass the voters’ decision and have Parliament decide, except perhaps so that the establishment politicians can avoid having to go through with leaving the European Union.

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Parliament’s entire job is to represent the British people. The British people already decided. So, having Parliament vote on this is redundant at absolute best. Or should the votes of members of Parliament count for more than the votes of the British people?

The court should recognize that the government is trying to circumvent the will of its citizens and refuse to play along. Already, voters are threatening to protest if the government refuses to recognize the Brexit vote.

And if that doesn’t work, then perhaps British voters should start raising money to replace the MPs in Parliament. It won’t be easy — but it’s necessary if British voters don’t want to have their government oppress them and take them for granted.

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