Another explosion has struck. This time, at the American University of Afghanistan. Hundreds of students and American faculty staff were trapped under the rubble and taking to their social media for help.

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From the Daily Mail:

A huge plume of smoke was seen rising above the fortified campus as elite Afghan forces backed by American military observers surrounded the university compound and battled the terrorists.

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Several gunmen, some wearing suicide vests, were involved in the attack which began at 9.30am (ET) in the western suburbs of Kabul, the official said.

Ambulances ferried the injured away while many inside managed to escape the onslaught of gunfire by rushing through emergency exits.

Teachers and students still inside the university sheltered in place while security forces moved slowly through the campus buildings to clear them while witnesses reported militants threw grenades at them.

According to one student, several of his classmates have been killed and wounded while another posted on Facebook: ‘We are stuck in university and under attack by Taliban they are killing us.

Renowned Associated Press photographer, Massoud Hossaini was one of those caught in the crossfire, but later managed to escape.

Sending prayers to all those affected by this tragic event. One day the world will heal, right now though that seems impossible. Until then I pray you can endure gracefully.

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