Meme SHATTERS Liberals Who Say Gun Control Works

Meme SHATTERS Liberals Who Say Gun Control Works

Liberals sure do love their gun control, don’t they? In a perfect world, we could give them their gun control and watch them suffer severely for it, JUST to prove the point. However, we can’t…because that would mean doom. It would be nice though…to be able to say TOLD YOU SO…DUMMY!


Anyhow, here is a meme packed with a whole lot of COMMON SENSE for now…

From Federalist Papers:


From The Federalist Papers Project:

Lax gun laws? Really?

Chicago has the most stringent gun control laws in the country and has for some time. Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, believes that to solve this particular problem all he needs to do is enact more gun control laws.

I guess that’s because the gun laws on the books are working so well…?

Chicago is a war zone. Overnight from Friday to Saturday morning 10 more people were shot. Two of them died. According to the Tribune that brings the total number of people shot this year to 2,525. They compared it to last year at this time when the total was 1,725.

Black Lives Matter decries the shootings of black people by police officers, whether or not those people are committing crimes or present a danger to the police. They hold rallies and march in the streets, blocking traffic and disrupting the normal activities of the rest of the citizens, just to gain attention to their cause.

They often become violent and clash with the very police from which they want protection. “Black lives matter!” they proclaim.

Yet on this particular issue they remain completely silent. There are no marches and rallies in Chicago protesting the deaths of so many black men, women and children at the hands of senseless violence. Do all black lives matter or only a handful that further their cause? I think the answer is obvious.

I’d like those questions to be asked directly to a few liberals. Watch them squirm out of that one…

They’ll probably pull a ‘Hillary’ and put one word after another until they have talked for so long without making sense that you forget what the question was.

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