BREAKING: TERROR IN DC – Gunshots Fired at Police

BREAKING: TERROR IN DC – Gunshots Fired at Police

Five people have been arrested this morning in D.C. after a call came in that there were shots fired at a local market. When they arrived, a SUV full of the suspects immediately started to fire upon the police officers that had reported to the scene to get the situation under control. This is what we have learned so far.


From TheBlaze:

Police spokesman Dustin Sternbeck said by telephone that officers responded to gunshots in southeast Washington. When officers arrived in marked police cruisers, people inside an SUV began shooting at them. Sternbeck says police returned fire at the suspects, who barricaded themselves in the vehicle.

Police ordered the people to come out, but they refused. After about 30 minutes, three women and two men in the SUV surrendered.

Sternbeck says it’s not clear why they fired on officers. The investigation will include whether they were involved in any other crimes before police arrived.

Thank goodness none of our boys in blue were hurt this morning while the morons were firing shots at them. You know what would be nice?

How about we get the police to arrest ALL the members of this administration who DAILY fire upon America and her citizens.

Throw Hillary Clinton in that mix for a very necessary bonus…not even kidding.

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