Black Lives Matter Protester Messes With a Marine… BAD Idea! [VIDEO]

Black Lives Matter Protester Messes With a Marine… BAD Idea! [VIDEO]

A Marine was minding his own business when two Black Lives Matter protesters chose to start screaming across the street, verbally abusing him. Naturally, he began to shout back, saying ‘police lives matter’. After that, he ran across the street to close the gap on distance between him and the protesters who were antagonizing him. Then this happened…

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From Conservative Brief:

As you can see, the whole thing was escalated by those protesters who were making fun of the Marine’s “Police Lives Matter” sign. This is what triggered him after they had offended his brothers in arms who had served with him and aided him along his life.

The flurry of what happens next is a mixture of everything, from insults to physical confrontation.

Heroes were gunned down protecting the very people who wished harm on them last week. It’s going to cause a lot of frustrated emotion, pain, and upset for a long while. Unfortunately engaging with ‘stupid’ is always going to lead to a failed encounter. Stupid people will drag you into their world, then beat you with their experience. Then turn around and laugh at you like you’re the crazy one. At that point, they have won. The only way to beat stupid, is to be smart, and give them zero acknowledgement. Continue to fight them, not face to face, but through rebuilding what has been destroyed with endurance and hope that better days are yet to come. Then watch the stupid ones, dig their own grave and lay in it.

Imagine how you would feel if you were trying to stand for something, and no matter how much you threw a fit, or acted like a fool…it was as if, you didn’t exist to others, and they continued to stand for what they believe without even a smidge of acknowledgment for you. You just weren’t worth their time. At that point, there is nothing you can do, and everything you had hoped to stir up has failed.

For people of less intelligence, they may move to violence, for which case… their grave has been dug. Others will simply have to give up.

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