Hillary Under Fire After THIS Leaks to the Public… This Could End Her

Hillary Under Fire After THIS Leaks to the Public… This Could End Her

Oh look! There is more proof that the Clintons are cheating scoundrels. Snakes really, if you will. It has leaked that the Clinton Foundation Canadian Affiliate Spends 78% of Money Raised on Administrative Costs. At that point, they might as well make it 100%. This is what we have learned so far.


From Young Conservatives:

The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership (CGEP) spent nearly 8 dollars for every 10 that it raised on salaries, office supplies, expenses, salaries and consulting fees, according to filings with the Canada Revenue Agency. The charity only spent 22 percent on “charitable programs.”

The CGEP was set up by Canadian mining investor Frank Giustra, who is one of the largest contributors to the Clinton Foundation and a frequent traveling partner with Bill Clinton. Most of the funding has come from mining executives and companies. The CGEP was primarily set up so that Canadians contributing to the Clinton Foundation would receive a tax deduction in Canada.

CGEP officials defended the amount of money spent on administrative costs.

“These expenditures—far from being overhead—are critical to the operational success of CGEP’s work, and help maximize the impact of CGEP’s programs; ensure that more people are reached; and that these programs are run in an effective way,” they noted in a statement released to the Global and Mail.

Greed is ugly. I wonder if that’s why Hillary looks so…spent. Her dishonesty is not doing much for her skin at all. Lies, deceit and shady business tend to take a toll on a person’s physical health. Ugly actions beget ugly consequences. The Clintons could sure use a good ‘ol fashioned dose of integrity. However, obviously with their track record, that is asking way too much.

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