Black TV Host DESTROYS Race Baiter Al Sharpton… I Can’t Stop Watching This! [VIDEO]

Black TV Host DESTROYS Race Baiter Al Sharpton… I Can’t Stop Watching This! [VIDEO]

The “Rev” should probably learn some history before he goes spouting off garbage. It may just save him from the embarrassment of what you are about to witness now. It’s beautiful actually. Simply beautiful…


From Western Journalism:

Sharpton kicked things off Saturday at a rally in Harlem where he called out the NRA and its president by name for their reaction to the police shooting deaths of two black men last week in Louisiana and Minnesota, according to Politico.

“Both of them were killed by police based on ‘they had a gun,’” Sharpton said. “Now I missed the NRA coming out and defending the gun rights they legally had. Where is the NRA? Where is [NRA president] Wayne LaPierre now? Do you have a Second Amendment right or did you not get down, Mr. Pierre, to the 14th, 15th and 16th amendments? Maybe you mean the Second Amendment is for whites only.”

For whites only? Sharpton might want to brush up on his history a little. He could start with a black man named Clarence Thomas (Sharpton’s probably heard of him). Thomas explained his actual legal position in a 2010 Supreme Court case that upheld the right of a private citizen – a black private citizen in this case – to own a firearm for self-defense.

On “Varney & Co.” on Monday, Fox contributor and radio host David Webb – who happens to be black – shredded Sharpton’s bogus argument.

Anyone who Al Sharpton is trying to represent should be embarrassed by the guy. Al Sharpton’s an idiot. It is so easily seen that he is trying WAY TOO HARD to be relevant now. He stands for nothing, but has a lot to say and will say anything he can to get attention. What a waste of oxygen.

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