Desk Clerk Loses Job, May Face Criminal Charges After Reporting Suspicious Behavior by Muslim

Have we learned anything after Orlando, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Boston, Fort Hood, 9/11, et cetera? Only that there must be stiff penalties for reporting suspicious behavior by Muslims:

Three weeks before the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, a Muslim man in traditional attire asked multiple questions about booking a hotel for a month and refused to leave the hotel despite learning that it was booked for the time he wanted. A hotel clerk, disturbed by his actions, asked her family to call 911. The police responded immediately, because the clerk’s sister said the man had mentioned the Islamic State (ISIS).

The clerk was fired in less than a week, and now the police may charge her, thus setting a dangerous precedent that if you point out a potential threat, you yourself will land in jail. …

The Lorain County Prosecutor’s Office in Avon, Ohio, will determine whether charges will be filed against the former hotel clerk who told her family members to call 911 to report that a Muslim man was acting suspiciously in the lobby, local news reported. The call was made last Wednesday. As of Tuesday morning, the clerk was no longer employed by Fairfield Inn & Suites at Colorado Avenue.

Evidently the possible criminal charges would relate to a misunderstanding that led the clerk’s sister to report that the suspected jihadist, Ahmed Almenhali of the United Arab Emirates, had been heard pledging his allegiance to ISIS like Omar Mateen.

See something, say something — if you want to lose your job and possibly be thrown in jail. Otherwise just hope you aren’t one of the innocents who gets killed if the possible terrorist turns out to be for real.

On a tip from Steve T. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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