DISGUSTING: Obama Teams Up With a Terrorist Who Killed US Soldiers in Iraq

DISGUSTING: Obama Teams Up With a Terrorist Who Killed US Soldiers in Iraq

The enemy of my enemy is my friend — right? That’s how the saying goes, but when the person our Commander-in-Chief is calling “friend” is a terrorist responsible for the deaths of American troops, it’s a little harder to accept such an arrangement.


He’s a man the United States has twice listed as a terrorist. According to some, he could be responsible for up to 20 percent of the casualties in the war in Iraq.

And now, the Obama administration has added yet another descriptor to the resume of Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Suleimani: ally.

Suleimani, who is leader of the elite Quds Force, has allegedly hooked up with allied forces fighting the Islamic State group. And according to some inside the Beltway, it shows the increasing reliance of the Obama administration on Iranian forces and surrogates to control the situation on the ground in Iraq.

Social media has been abuzz with photographs of the Iranian terrorist fighting alongside senior Iraqi military officials near Tikrit. That city has become a major battleground, as it lies nearly equidistant between Islamic State stronghold Mosul to the north and Iraq’s capital Baghdad to the south.

Obama is so anxious to avoid actually doing anything himself to fight ISIS that he’ll ally with known terrorists instead, in hopes that they’ll do his dirty work. But there’s a flaw in that brilliant plan, of course: what happens when ISIS is ousted and Iranian terrorists have power in Iraq instead?

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