Reverend Franklin Graham on Christian Persecution: We’re Losing Our Religious Freedom (VIDEO)

Anti-Christian attitudes are becoming more and more prevalent in the United States, despite the fact that this country was founded on Judeo-Christian values. And the Reverend Franklin Graham is warning that we’re slowly losing our religious freedom.

franklin graham

Graham said on “Fox and Friends Weekend” this morning, “I believe we’re going to see persecution in this country. We’ve already seen many laws that have been passed that restrict our freedom as Christians.”

“I believe it’s going to get worse, and we see no question gaining influence in Washington by those that represent the Islamic faith,” Graham said. “We do have a problem in this country and we are losing our religious freedom and we’re losing it a little bit day by day.”

What can Christians in this country do? Tucker Carlson asked.

Graham said that people need to pray, and he encouraged more Christians to run for political office.

“We have a problem in Washington, and we have become so greedy, we have become so bitter, and we fight with one another. But we need Christian Democrats and Christian Republicans running for office. And we need to get God back in Washington.”

The problem is, we do have self-professed Christians in Washington — they just put their agenda before their God. We do need to put God back into government, but the problem is, it’ll take a lot more than just getting people who call themselves Christian to run for office.

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