34 year old street fighter vs 17 year old Jiu-Jitsu Fighter

All over the internet there are videos of people fighting. guys fighting guys, girls fighting girls, wrestling, karate, it seems like everyone is fighting. well in this case we get to see a 34 year old Street Fighter and a 17 year old Jiu-Jitsu fighter go at it. I question the parenting of both these men I don’t know who started this fight but im pretty sure there both not to bright.


I honestly don’t know who is at fault. Is the 34 year old for fighting with a dumb 17 year old  or the 17 year old for allowing getting that angry and letting it get posted on the internet?  The gay comments and cursing is just crazy. did they forget that every employer can search and find this video? whats worse is this 17 year old is going to have children one day and this 34 year old may already have children. I hope that video is not something they find when searching the internet.

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