Why ISIS Tortured This Mother in Public is a Display of the Real War on Women – Terrorist Style

Why ISIS Tortured This Mother in Public is a Display of the Real War on Women – Terrorist Style

Women forced to live under sharia law, thanks to the rise of ISIS, are subjected to horrific treatment and unthinkable abuses. One such woman, who is speaking out about her story, is showing what the real war on women is.

al khansa brigade

breast ripper

The way in which ISIS tortured a mother for breastfeeding in public shows where the real war on women is. The mother, who preferred to remain anonymous, told the Daily Mail what happened after she was caught:

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‘[T]hey took me to the “Hesba” headquarters in the city, and escorted me to the torture chamber, then they asked me to choose between a whip or a “biter”[.]

‘I did not know what a “biter” was and I thought it is a reduced sentence, I was afraid of whipping, so I choose the “biter”, then they brought a sharp object that has a a lot of teeth and held me, placing it on my chest and pressing it strongly, I screamed from pain and I was badly injured. They later took me to the hospital.

The mother also explained that she felt as if “her femininity had been completely destroyed.”

In addition, the punishment was carried out by al-Khansa brigade, a group of women who mercilessly impose Sharia. Its been reported that simply taking a photo of al-Khansa can get you executed.

… Also, it’s entirely possible that the torture device used by the Islamic State is similar to the Breast Ripper…

… one of the most gruesome forms of punishment for women in the Middle Ages. These medieval device would be used to rip the breasts off [hence the name] of witches, blasphemers or adulterers.

Unsurprisingly, so-called feminists aren’t speaking out about these kinds of abuses, because they have more important things to worry about, like faking rape stories and attacking the nuclear family. Women who truly face inequality and horrible treatment somehow always get ignored by the very people who claim to be fighting for women.

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