VIDEO: The Empire State Building Just Took a Stand for the Murdered NYPD Cops

VIDEO: The Empire State Building Just Took a Stand for the Murdered NYPD Cops

The anti-cop protesters are trying valiantly to keep their movement going, despite the negative press they’ve been drowning in after the murders of two NYPD officers. And now, the Empire State Building has even taken a stand for the murdered officers, which will surely make the race-baiters a little less happy each night.

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While the mainstream media has widely covered the anti-police protests in New York City, they have given far less attention to the massive support for the NYPD from around the nation.

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Or, for that matter, to the support within the city itself.

For example, this awesome tribute from one of the most recognized landmarks in the world, the Empire State Building, to the fallen officers murdered last week.

And this still picture, striking as it is, doesn’t even capture the entirety of the building’s tribute to NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.

On Saturday, the day of Ramos’ funeral, the building was lit with mostly blue lights in support of the NYPD. But it also featured “rotating” red and white lights meant to mimic the flashing lights on top of a patrol car (H/T IJ Review).

Not only was this a fitting tribute, it was a lovely display — and right in the face of the race rioters and anti-police protesters who have flocked to New York City in the wake of Eric Garner’s death and refused to suspend their activities during the funerals of the fallen officers.

We are constantly flooded with negative stories about police, told constantly about how there are bad cops everywhere, complaints about the militarization of police. It’s about time that police got some support for the incredibly difficult job they have to do.

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