Jordanian National Crashes Plane in Connecticut ON PURPOSE – One Dead, More Injured [VIDEO]

Jordanian National Crashes Plane in Connecticut ON PURPOSE – One Dead, More Injured [VIDEO]

A small plane crashed on a Connecticut street and it almost immediately was revealed that the plane was downed on purpose. The plane, a Piper PA 34, was flown by Feras M. Freitekh along with an instructor when it crashed on Main Street in East Hartford, Connecticut, causing in what witnesses have described as a “mushroom cloud” explosion. The crash happened near the headquarters for Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace manufacturer and defense contractor.

But Freitekh’s background has a lot of people wondering if this is another terrorist attack.


Freitekh, it turns out, is a Jordanian national. He immigrated to the United States in 2012. He allegedly came specifically to attend flight school and got his pilot’s certification in 2015. The crash is now being investigated by the FBI, as well as the Connecticut counter-terrorism unit. Officials described the crash as happening “suspiciously close” to the Pratt & Whitney headquarters.

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The plane struck a utility pole and some wires as it came down, causing multiple power outages throughout the area and injuring three people, including the instructor pilot, who was in the plane with Freitekh. Freitekh perished in the crash, but the instructor pilot is in the hospital and cooperating with authorities. And according to the pilot, Freitekh crashed the plane on purpose.

Thankfully, the instructor pilot is expected to survive. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board are expected to arrive today to help with analyzing the crash and to aid with the investigation.

Multiple witnesses saw the plane crash. Gregory Bell said, “I saw the plane going low. It was too low.” Moments later, it crashed. Erick Zapata was eating at a Subway when it happened. “Pieces started flying everywhere.” he said. “I was nervous, I was shaking. It was crazy. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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