CNN Orders BLACKOUT of Coverage on Bill Clinton’s Alleged Black Lovechild

CNN Orders BLACKOUT of Coverage on Bill Clinton’s Alleged Black Lovechild

Ummm…what’s this? The man claiming to be Bill Clinton’s half black estranged son is planning on giving an exclusive interview. CNN wants nothing to do with it and has ordered their journalists to stand down and NOT cover the story.


Yes, they have ordered a BLACKOUT on coverage of this story.

Why so serious?

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Danney Williams claims to be the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton. Liberal mainstream media is calling it a hoax and shutting down coverage on the story. This is what we have learned of the situation thus far…

Williams has made it very clear that he wants to meet Bill Clinton, whom he claims with certainty is his father.


‘Like any child, I want to know my dad and I want him to know me,’ he said in the nine-minute tape.

‘I am his only son in the world and he’s my only dad. We have to come together, we have to.’

Apparently, Williams for a very long time claimed that his mother was a prostitute working the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas when she met Bill Clinton and they did the ‘you know what’ 13 times. Allegedly resulting in her getting pregnant to former U.S. President, Bill Clinton.

Williams, now a 30 year-old father of five, is coming with details on the life he says was a huge contrast in comparison to Chelsea Clinton, whom he calls his sister.

He claims in 1995, when Clinton was POTUS, the state of Arkansas put him in foster care and he lived out his life in foster homes until he came of age.

‘It made me feel horrible because I know his child, Chelsea, was well taken care of and we was house-to-house, hungry at nights.’ He said he dropped out of school in 11th grade to work in a donut shop to support his brothers and sisters.

‘To know that my father was the president, it hurts. Try to imagine that your own father refused to love you, refused to say that you exist. Knowing who my father was and he was so close, yet so far away made my part unbearable.’

Ironically, Williams is claiming he is not coming forward at this point in time for political reasons. “This is not about politics or money,” he said.


He says what he wants most by coming forward with his life story is finding out the truth about who he is and where he came from. He states that his story and him being Bill Clinton’s son is common knowledge in Arkansas, and so him coming forward right now to the rest of the world has nothing to do with current elections.

‘Everywhere I went, they pointed out: ‘It’s Bill Clinton’s son right there. You look like him, don’t you? The ears, the mouth, the chin, the teeth, the eyes, the nose.’

With CNN calling a shut down on the coverage of this story, it seems to only be peaking the curiosity of Americans even more.

Honestly though…why the drama? There is one simple and quick fix that will bring the truth to light without question.

Do you think Bill Clinton would submit to a paternity test?

The story isn’t all that shocking to me…I’ve always just figured he had a bunch of kids growing up without him. How couldn’t he!?

Whether Williams is right or not on his claim…this is going to be a doozy for Hillary to dodge so close to the election.

Bill better get used to sleeping on the couch.

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