Mass slayings incorrectly labeled as “terror from the right”

Mass slayings incorrectly labeled as “terror from the right”

The Southern Poverty Law Center has lost their mind. They seem to lack every ounce of credibility and working brain cells that it takes to realize a terror attack is not a right wing kinda thing. It just isn’t.

Anyone reading this must think we’re crazy for using words like “terror from the right” in the title of an article, but it makes sense coming from a leftist organization who does what most other leftists do – complain, whine and cry when they disagree with something and project their guilt and accusations upon others.

Not happening.


Liberty Unyielding –  Daily Caller and Breitbart are reporting that the SPLC has labeled the June 2016 attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, by Omar Mateen, an example of “terror from the right.”   This in spite of the fact that Mateen swore allegiance to ISIS during the attack, and had been connected for years with radical Islamist Marcus Dwayne Robertson (aka Abu Taubah), among other extensive Islamist links.

The SPLC also called the 2009 attack on FBI agents by Luqman Ameen Abdullah, in Dearborn, MI, an example of “terror from the right.”  Abdullah was a radical Islamist who advocated creation of an Islamic state in the U.S.

Equally inexplicable: the SPLC also calls the mass slayings of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge “terror from the right.”  These attacks were committed by perpetrators inspired by Black Lives Matter, and connected with radical black nationalist groups.

I’m not convinced these terrible acts of terror stem from the right wing news fans.

The SPLC needs to check themselves before they wreck themselves, maybe put a little effort into damage control, because right now they look like massive guilt projecting IDIOTS.

It just doesn’t make any logical sense how they could classify violent mass murderer type of people as right wing extremists when the terrorists are so far left it’s not even funny. And let’s not forget that these attacks had literally nothing to do with right wing news agendas.

This is another bait and switch that segues into anti-right propaganda after they lure you in with their rhetoric and fake news.

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