Media’s Absurd San Bernardino Spin Explained

In its efforts to divert rage over the Muslim atrocity in San Bernardino away from Islam and toward our right to bear arms, the New York Daily News tried to outdo yesterday’s vileness with this:


For fellow travelers, the next best thing to banning the word “terrorism” is diluting the term to the point of meaninglessness. Ideally, people will no longer be able to distinguish Syed Farook, who was a soldier in an army that is at war with us, from random violent lunatics incapable of coordinated action — or even from innocuous people leftists don’t like, like Wayne LaPierre, who is hated for upholding our constitutional right of self-defense.

At least the Daily Snooze acknowledges that Farook was a terrorist. That’s more than we have gotten from the liberal establishment’s Wall Street Journal. This morning’s front page:


The main headline could easily be rewritten as: San Bernardino Was Random Act of Violence Caused by Legal Guns, since that is the impression they are trying to get across.

Mind they went to press with this 2 days after the massacre, when everyone already knew that the motive for San Bernardino was exactly the same as for 9/11 and the 27,300+ other lethal terror attacks by Muslims that have followed since. The headline is not just misleading; it is a bald-faced lie.

Why is the establishment media sacrificing what little remains of its credibility in a pathetic attempt to keep us from learning what we already know? Because the liberal establishment is on the side of Islam against Western Civilization, and therefore will cover for it at every opportunity, so as to prevent us from defending ourselves against it.

The only way to make sense of their treasonous depravity is to remember that the ideology that drives our liberal ruling class is cultural Marxism. Its explicit purpose is to destroy American society so that a utopian oligarchical collectivist society can be constructed in its place. The strategy for achieving this malevolent objective is to create, import, and exacerbate alienated, perpetually aggrieved special interest groups and use them to attack the core population. This is why the government/media is hostile to whites, even though most of our rulers are white themselves; why they promote sexual perversion; why they are sympathetic to the cause of Black Lives Matter thugs; why they won’t close the border; and why even now liberals like Obama and collaborators like Marco Rubio still want to import more potential terrorists from the Middle East.

Their commitment to cultural Marxism makes every opinion, dislike, affinity, and short-term political goal of liberals clear — even seemingly incomprehensible affinities like their support for Islam.

On tips from Torcer, Sean C, Artdlgr, and Henry. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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