Orlando Shooter’s Wife Could Be CHARGED as an Accessory

Orlando Shooter’s Wife Could Be CHARGED as an Accessory

Orlando killer Omar Matten had a wife. It was his wife, Noor Zahi Salman, and one of her daughters that were visible through the open door of the their home when the FBI arrived to raid the house. Two female agents were witnessed approaching the home, shouting “FBI!” before entering to speak to the occupants. This is what we know so far…


From the Daily Mail:

The arrival of the FBI in California is the latest twist in a dramatic day of developments, which include the revelation that Salman, 30, knew about her husband’s plans but did not turn him in.

This morning, FBI sources told NBC and ABC that the mother-of-one had driven her husband on scouting missions to the Pulse nightclub as well as on a visit to Disney Springs accompanied by her three-year-old son.

But despite being present when Mateen purchased the guns used to mow down 49 people and injure a further 53 in the early hours of Sunday morning, she failed to inform the authorities – and could now face charges herself.

A grand jury is being convened by federal prosecutors, Fox News reported.

The family home in Rodeo, a small town 40 minutes north of San Francisco, was quiet this morning when Daily Mail Online arrived with the windows shuttered.

A woman, believed to be Zahi, came to the door when this website visited but refused to say anything beyond that the family are ‘OK’.

She added: ‘We are OK but we don’t want to say anything. I am waiting for my daughter and to hear of her son. We will be OK.’

Shortly after the FBI departed, a neighbor Chuck Surman, 54, approached the house to leave a bunch of flowers on the mat.

Asked why, he said: ‘I wanted to do something for her [Zahi]. You can’t help what your kids do. I was shocked when I heard.’

Salman, a second-generation American with family ties to Palestine, grew up in Rodeo and many of her extended family still live in the area, including her uncles Bassam, Abdallah and Ossama.

The family is believed to have moved to the US in the 1970s from Ramallah, on the West Bank, and settled in California.

Her cousin Sana, 24, also lives close by but when approached by Daily Mail Online, said she did not know Mateen and had no further comment to make.

Salman is thought to be the eldest of four daughters, with other relations living in Ohio and Louisiana.

Her mother, Zahi, 50, still lives at the family home, which was left to her by her husband Ekbal, 56, following his death last year.

Neighbors describe a peaceful family who are quietly religious and have never caused trouble on the tranquil street on which they live.

She knew and did nothing? If this is true, why is she still walking free? She is not going to be able to escape the glare of all Americans now. The little boy will now have to grow up with the actions of his parents hanging over his head – selfish parents, wicked man, idiot woman. SENSELESS crime.

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